College Planning or Life by Design

I have been traveling this week and have not been able to post as I would like to normally. However, I just want to put down a few of my thoughts here for you. As we progress through college planning, and all of its various and sometimes complicated directions, some leading to positive outcomes, some leading to dead ends.. there is a question that has to be answered here.

Just what is it that you are planning? Are you planning just for the next four years or longer to get a degree that you may not even like, or doesn’t even fit you? Are you planning for the next 40 years, in hopes that you can actually get the degree and career that fits you and that can make you feel fulfilled? At the end of the day, what is it that you are planning?

I would submit to you that what you should be planning, whether you are the parents or the students is to actually Create the life that you desire.  Do you even know what that will look like? Well, you might say that is impossible, since no one knows the future. Is it? Really! I would submit to you that your current situation is something that you created already, whether you like it or not. It is the culmination of choices that you have made in your life up to this point.

So as I continue to build up this site, and create the content that will help you and your family make wise college planning choices, and actually put together a career plan that you can afford, please know that on top of all of this in-depth planning, the over arching goal is for you to create the life you desire in the way you desire it. It is helping you have what is known as “Structured thinking” as opposed to “Chaotic Thinking”.  It is best discovered in “A Bug Free Mind”. More on this on other blogs.

For today, do not waste anymore time or money on “Chaotic Thinking” as this is what the majority of the world, like 99% is doing. Let’s work together to create the life you desire by design. Please contact me at my website.

Thanks for listening today. Talk to you soon.




Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Convergence College Planning. My name is David Huner and I am knowing that you will enjoy the journey that you are going to be on. Convergence College Planning is unique in the college planning arena. Why? I am glad that you asked.

Let me tell you that we will cover all the major and minor points you and your family need to cover and learn. This is is everything, from career planning, college selection, FAFSA, asset and income management, and so forth. We are going to take all the moving parts and converge them into a seamless well connected plan that fits you and your family.

Basically, we want to help you and your students get through college without destroying the parents retirement.  We want to help the students find the best fit career based on their strengths, stress points, weaknesses and needs. We want to give you all the information you need to create a well thought out plan.

I am a college and financial planner. I do charge for my services. However, I am discovering that about 80% of what you need to know can be obtained by following a simple set of modules. You can then finalize the plan by working with me or another college planning adviser only after you have equipped yourself with a phenomenal amount of knowledge.

In addition to this, we want to show you not only what to think about college planning, we want to take it a step further to helping you understand how to think, not only about this the most expensive time in your lives, but also in creating your life by design. We know that if you do not create your own life by design, you can be assured that by default, someone else will be creating it for you. We think that you can do better than that.

So before you consider paying a college planner $997, $1497, $2997 or even higher, take the time to go through this site, learn what you can, and then decide if becoming a member makes sense for you. Becoming a member will be the beginning of creating that plan that makes sense for you and your family.